CCRB Overview

The CCRB was established on October 1, 1976 with the purpose of conducting production research for California celery growers, and has been serving the industry ever since.  There have been many challenges for California celery growers over the last four decades and the CCRB has met every challenge head-on with practical, innovative, economical  and effective research solutions, that have helped in maintaining our industry’s health, viability and strength in a continually changing and challenging industry.

Every three years, CCRB elects a Board of Directors, made up of 11 grower members and 11 grower alternate members, who direct staff to carry out the business of the Board.  Most of the research that is funded by the Board falls into three main categories;  disease control, insect control and weed control, with a special emphasis on developing and maintaining fusarium-resistant lines of celery.  The Board feels that with the constant attention to these three areas of research, the sustainability, health and profitability of the California industry will  continue well into the future.

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